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We are a husband and wife team with a great family and crew of faery helpers working the Arts and Crafts festivals and Renaissance Festival, and Fairie Festival scene in the mid-atlantic. We are crafters in the traditional sense, creating sculptural leather masks, polymer clay antlers and horns, bubblewands, and other fantasy costume pieces by hand in our home and studio recently relocated to Mount Savage, Maryland. We are also a graphics arts and design studio and are contributing editors for the excellent pulications Faerie and Pirates Magazine. Additionally, Shane is the Abbot of the Order of the Greenman, a new fraternal order which exists to support and promote the image of the Green Man and to produce Marches of the Greenmen at festivals.
See us at these URLs

Here is our banner for our main website. Pay us a visit and see our work.
And please feel free to link to using it.

Leather Masks by Miscellaneous Oddiments www.mythicalmasks.com

We recently became members of The Interstitial Arts Foundation. A delightful group of artists, who, like ourselves tend to defy definitions of their work and slip between the cracks...


Shane is the Abbot of the Order of the Greenman. A Fraternal Order dedicated to exploring the Mythical Image of the Greenman and associated ideas.

The Beloved Order of the Greenman, www.bogbrothers.org

One of my dearest friends and a Bog Brother, Mike Wuyek is a very talent photographer.

The Art of Mike Wuyek

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